The California Column

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

March 13 to March 17, 2013






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Beginning in the Spring of 1862 California troops under Colonel James Carleton marched more than 900 miles from California to Texas.
Marching further and faster than any other American army before it the accomplishments of these frontier soldiers are often overlooked
by today?s historians.

By retracing a portion of the route of the California Column we hope to bring attention and recognition to their great feat (and have fun
doing it).

This march will be a campaign style march to retrace a portion of the route of the California Column. Goals for the event include:

authentic camps
authentic rations
correct rank structure
route and camps to stay as close to the original route as possible
(avoiding as much as possible modern day intrusions)
portrayal of actual units engaged in the march
period support

Participants should expect a physically challenging event with the focus being on the military impression.


The march will, as close as possible, follow the original route taken by the California column. While the route will mostly be in Anza-Borrego
Desert SP some parts will be on private property. Because much of the march will take place on land open to the public, interaction with the
public will be unavoidable. It is requested that, as much as possible, particpants remain in first person during these encounters. One night's
bivouac will coincide with the 2013 Vallecito Days event at Vallecito County Park. This will allow particpants to interact with period civilians,
much as those members of the original march did.

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